The best marketing automation software

Business process management can provide flexibility under the conditions of everchanging business environment with the help of modern solutions.

We present the list of the best marketing automation software, that can help to automate business processes, change them and put them into operation due to integration of the environments of process designing, implementation and monitoring.

1. bpm’online: CRM+BPM system for working on customers and business process management

It is a CRM system, which has a BPM technology for building and managing business processes. In addition to capability of integrating all processes of marketing, sales and costumer service, one of the advantages of this software is that it uses a popular world standard BPMN 2.0. It allows operating this system without IT-specialist’s support. This one of the best marketing automation software automates both business processes and processes of personnel’s work.

  • Through this software, users can operate pre-configured processes based on the best business experiences. These processes can be customized for best suiting the conditions of user’s own business.
  • Bpm’online uses DCM (dynamic case management) Technology for designing and managing adaptive business processes.
  • Remote control through mobile devices.

2. Medicine for automating processes in health facilities

The application is used for automating all kinds of processes in a clinic.

  • The system automatically informs patient about date of visit and notifies clinic’s personnel if patient gives no response.
  • Forms schedules for patients and doctors.
  • Keeps records of clinic’s service and materials.
  • Implements billing for service.

3. PT SMS Sender for mass mailing, triggered and service SMS

The service is used for automation of mass and triggered mailing through SMS. Allows adding segmented audiences, using templates of mailing and macroses, delaying mailing start and maintaining statistics of message delivery.

4. Arvider – automatic identification and counting of visitors

It is a service for shopping centers, exhibition halls and major events. This smart system recognizes faces, sex, age and emotions of visitors and uses this data as a basis for analysis of consumers’ behavior. The service also maintains statistics of visits.

5. PT Docs: workflow automation, task completion control and joint working on content

It is a solution for accounting, registration and harmonizing incoming and outgoing documents. The system allows managing workflow due to maintaining directories and using reference processes. There is the Lazy Approval function for mobile devices, which allows implementing harmonization through corporate email.

6. Storekeeper for storing process automation

Another one of the best marketing automation software is Storekeeper, which provides online managing storages. The system automates inventory accounting and allows keeping records of leads, costumers, applications and shipments.

  • Management of products database, prices, balance and movement of goods.
  • Fixation of arrival and expenditure of goods, shipment and movement between storages.
  • Selection of products by multiple parameters at one time.
  • Built-in tool of barcoding.
  • Categorization of goods.

7. PT Task Control for business time management

This solution structures tasks and provides transparent completion of assignments. The system allows managing tasks, receiving analyst of operational discipline, forming group tasks, configuring a hierarchical structure of activities and keeping records of task completion delays.